We install all of the following:

  • Sidewalk replacement

  • Curbing

  • ADA ramps

  • Walkways to your front door

  • Basement & Garage Floors

  • Slabs: crawl space/patios

  • Driveway aprons

  • Concrete stamping

Large commercial projects to residential jobs.  We install it right the 1st time!

I’ve hired ‘masons’ over the years and trusted them to do everything necessary to complete a job correctly.  I’ve learned that not all masons are alike.  Some don’t find it necessary to use clean stone for your base; some didn’t find it necessary to install expansion joint.  Some didn’t have very good ‘finishing’ abilities.  


I’ve endured these experiences of the past, corrected it, and found it imperative that work is overseen by myself or a trusted manager to ensure that:


  1. We use the best concrete (the correct psi), some companies don’t use the right blend of concrete, stone, sand & we’re selective on who we use.

  2. The concrete is poured at the proper times of the day depending on weather, etc

  3. The base is well compacted, the correct stone used, and the depth of the concrete is just right.

  4. Proper measures taken for expansion joint placement and/or joint placement.

  5. The finish was completed with either a swirl or rosette finish or broomed finish as it applies to what type of concrete (patio vs walk) we’re installing.



Stamping is a good way to save a little money & get more ‘bang for your buck’ when compared to pavers.  We have many colors in stock & many patterns to choose from !


We can design & install your patio or walk taking into consideration the color and materials used to build your house, the environment, etc.  Stamping isn’t to be taken lightly.  Many companies offer stamping, but lack the ability to deliver something worthwhile.  

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