Go beyond asphalt to add curb appeal and value. Monster Paving offers all these and more.

  • Stamped Concrete Driveway Aprons

  • Paver Block Aprons

  • Paver Block Edges

  • Belgium Block edging

  • Lighting with LED Dots by DEKOR®

  • Colored concrete & asphalt

  • Brick or Stone Piers

  • New Light Posts

Driveway enhancements can add significant curb appeal to your home as well as increase your home's value. Monster Paving can add features to regular asphalt paving or we can create a completely custom driveway finish.

Add edging and ground lighting ...


Now you can add Belguim Block edging that is set in sand or mortar. Or, if you prefer, we can install paver- block edging either set on edge or flat. Paver-blocks laid flat lend themselves to in-ground lighting either as a spot light or a "block-size" light designed as part of the paver-block. 

Add a custom apron at the entrance to your driveway.

A custom apron (as seen in the first photo on the right) can enhance a regular asphalt driveway, especially on properties where there is no sidewalk. Monster Paving can build an apron out of stamped concrete or paver-blocks. We will be adding asphalt stamping soon.

The advantage of concrete or asphalt stamping are:

  • No sinking or spreading

  • Your choice of patterns and colors

  • No weeds

  • Oil & stain resistant

  • When sealed, the surface is 25% harder than normal concrete

  • Colors do not fade

  • Choice can complement your property.

  • Minimal maintenance

Your walkways leading from your driveway can match whatever design you choose for the driveway so you have a coordinated look for all your surfaces. 

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This photo shows a paver-block driveway apron with two stone piers. Lighting can be added on each pier if desired.


This photo shows an asphalt driveway with paver-blocks laid flat. We can also use Belgium Block on edge with mortar.


This photo shows how in-ground lighting can work with either stamped concrete or with paver-blocks. 

pipersville 3.jpg

This photo shows a close-up view of stamped concrete with a sealer finish. It costs less than paver-blocks and is 25% harder than normal concrete.